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New wheel and castor series with optimised tread geometry

Blickle has developed the ALB wheel and castor series for demanding applications in the field of intralogistics. The series impresses with a thin, high-quality tread with optimised geometry. The wheels and castors are therefore also suitable for high speeds and enable easy handling due to their low rolling and swivel resistance.

Considerably reduced rolling and swivel resistance

The series is designed for the internal transport of materials, for example in the automotive industry. Due to their high load capacity, the wheels are also ideal for use in tugger trains. The Blickle solution also scores high in manual handling, for example with transport trolleys. In comparison with other wheels with polyurethane treads their rolling resistance is up to 40 per cent less and the swivel resistance is as much as 60 per cent less. Even heavy loads can be easily moved and steered manually. This helps to make intralogistic processes more ergonomic and efficient.

The wheels from this series are available with diameters of between 100 and 250 millimetres. The tread consists of the high-quality, reaction-injected polyurethane elastomer Blickle Besthane®. In addition to the high dynamic load capacity, the material offers further advantages: It is especially gentle on the floor, is highly abrasion-resistant, quiet and non-marking. The wheel centre is made from robust die-cast aluminium and has two pressed-in ball bearings lubricated with long-life grease. This makes the wheels reliable and maintenance-free in the long term.

ALB series also available as swivel and fixed castors

The ALB series is also available as swivel and fixed castors in both a medium-duty and heavy-duty version.

In the medium-duty version, the special Blickle riveting process for the swivel head ensures minimal play and smooth rolling characteristic, which provide an increased service life. This variant is suitable for loads of between 200 to 500 kilogrammes.

In the heavy duty design, the bracket is made from thicker pressed steel and is additionally reinforced. This provides a load capacity of up to 900 kilogrammes per castor.

Both versions are also available with various locks or foot guards.